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They enable me to do a self-guided practice without the pressure of remembering what I’m going to do. I love that I can just feel into what I’m doing and go with the flow…

The Complete Set

MOST POPULAR: Two decks, one price, unlimited possibilities.

Bring your practice to the next level with our award-winning Yoga Decks chosen by over 25’000 Yogis in 71 countries. The complete set is the best choice for Yogis that want to build their sequences without limitations. It includes the Expansion deck with 82 additional cards. Among them copies of the most common positions (Build longer sequences!) and bonus cards for sequence building  ( Vinyasa, Repeat, 10+).

  • Build your own sequences in a simple and safe way thanks to our unique system of references between cards. (Or add our Yoga sequence guide books for safe & enjoyable yoga sequences to do with your PlayPauseBe cards)
  • Practice Mindfully: move at your own speed, following your breath and listening to your body
  • Create a practice according to the benefits that you want to obtain thanks to the symbols on the back of each card



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With the The Complete Set you get:

With the Complete set you get:

  • 72 beautiful asanas, hand-drawn by our artist Giulia Rosa
  • A total of 154 cards to let you create infinite sequences
  • Easy-to-read description for every pose
  • Sequence building system embedded in the cards
  • Each card indicates the body area which will benefit from the related pose (on its back);
  • Highest-quality sustainable materials ( made in Italy ) for flexible, moist-resistant, and durable cards.  Take them with you – wherever you go!
  • Manufactured in the most advanced Eco factory In Europe 
  • 47-page user manual inside the box + downloadable manual of 74 pages
  • Lifetime Free access to our online Yoga community on Facebook. ( Value: 97 euros a year, free forever with the Complete Set )
  • 15-day money-back guarantee.