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I love these cards. They have repeatedly inspired me. They help close the gap between my solo practice and received instructions. I have become so much more devoted to yoga that I am currently writing this post before I begin my teacher training in Thailand!

WhiteBlossoms Yoga | UK

Yoga Deck

Bring your practice to the next level with our award-winning Yoga Deck chosen by over 35’659 Yogis around the world. 

  • Build your own sequences in a simple and safe way thanks to our unique system of references between cards. 
  • Practice Mindfully: move at your own speed, following your breath and listening to your body.
  • Create a practice according to the benefits that you want to obtain thanks to the symbols on the back of each card.
  • Create sequences based on a specific chakra theme, or discover a deeper understanding of each pose on an energetic level.



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Frequently bought together with the Yoga Deck

Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.1



Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.2



With the Yoga Deck you get:

  • 82 Hand-drawn asanas by Italian artist Giulia Rosa
  • The original PlayPauseBe sequence building system (embedded in the cards)
  • Benefits for each pose
  • Cues to practice safely
  • Name in English and in Sanskrit
  • A complete user manual inside the box and a 55 pages downloadable one.
  • An eco-friendly product: our decks are produced in the most advanced Eco factory in Europe.
  • A newly designed, long lasting rigid box made with a fine Linen-structured paper.
  • The cards are made of a 320g Pro paper produced in Italy from FSC Certified sources. The highest standard in terms of flexibility, resistance to moisture, and durability.
  • Lifetime access to our online Yoga community on Facebook. (Value: 97 euros a year, free forever with the PPB Deck)
  • 15-day money-back guarantee