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With Upside Down In 30 Days, I unlocked a deeper awareness of my body and I was finally able to hold a Handstand in total confidence.

Upside Down in 30 days

Facing a fear of going upside down?

Or… No matter how many times you’ve tried, headstands and handstands remain a challenge. Even after attending yoga workshops, do you feel something’s missing?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, “Upside Down in 30 Days” is just for you!

  • Overcome your fears and frustrations.
  • Achieve perfect headstands and handstands with our step-by-step method.
  • From daily exercises to mindset techniques, we’ve got you covered!

Learn the secrets from our PPB experts, and discover the unique method that can safely guide you upside down in less than 30 days!

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With the Upside Down in 30 days you get:

Course Highlights:

  • 65 Lessons, 11 Modules, 6 + Hours of Content: Upside down in 30 days is the unique comprehensive 2-in-1 program for mastering handstands and headstands.
  • Weekly workout routines to build strength, balance, and core engagement.
  • Learn all about safety, potential injuries, benefits, and correct alignments for each inversion.
  • Dive into the journey of handstands and handstands and understand the techniques, exercise routines, and weekly progressions.
  • Ideal for both beginners and advanced practitioners.


Meet Your Teacher: Illona

  • A passionate yogi with 600 hours of instructor training and over 1500 hours of teaching.
  • Helped countless students achieve their inversion goals.


What Will You Gain?

  • A step-by-step path to gradually come upside down in a safe, easy, and fun way
  • Knowledge to avoid common mistakes and injuries.
  • Deeper insights and teachings to achieve balance and the right alignments
  • Weekly workouts and yoga flows targeted to help you get upside down easily and safely
  • Different approaches and props to use, depending on your strength, flexibility, and balance levels.
  • Guidelines to personalize the course according to your needs 
  • Confidence to overcome your fears of being upside down 
  • Limitless motivation to improve your practice.
  • Lifetime access to the full course


Why Choose “Upside Down in 30 Days”?

  • Personalized guidance tailored to your needs.
  • Train both your body and mind.
  • Weekly workout routines for strength and flexibility.
  • Created by an experienced Yoga teacher with a background in Inversions and Acro Yoga.
  • Learn to use Yoga props, breathing awareness, and assist inversions based on individual needs.
  • Personal support from the PlayPauseBe team.


Join Today! Master inversions with our proven method combining targeted workout routines with ancient yogic techniques.

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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT