Effortlessly create your own Yoga sequences

and practice them mindfully

The Revolutionary Yoga Decks used by over 52,985 yogis around the world. Now with an improved design, more asanas and new features you are going to love.

Praised by Yoga teachers all over the world


I wouldn’t be without them when planning a yoga sequence! They are so helpful and just the colors and the picture alone help to prompt when I am teaching. Absolutely love them!

Chesca Peckham - UK

These cards were a game changer for my personal practice and as a new RYT-200 HR instructor they are helping me to become more confident in sequence planning.

Bella Hayward Mullet - USA

Quick shipping and the cards are amazing. They will definitively add much ease to my class planning and also help me come up with creative ideas. 

Bey Smith- USA

The New PlayPauseBe Deck
At a Glance

82 illustrated poses in 9 categories

A unique sequencing reference system

Cues to practice safely

Benefits for each pose

Name in English and in Sanskrit

Difficulty level indications

Chakra indications for each pose

Intention Cards

Complete Manual

Enjoy a Personalized Yoga Practice

The PlayPauseBe Yoga decks are designed to help you create a truly personalized practice. They will help you practice yoga mindfully, at your own pace, disconnecting from everything.

How does it work?

The Yoga Deck is a beautiful work of art made of 82 cards. There are 9 categories that will take you through a complete yoga practice, from warm up to slow down.

Create Yoga Sequences Like A Pro

PlayPauseBe helps you create an infinite number of sequences, whether you are a beginner or advanced. On every card, beneath each position, there is a simple phrase that helps you set your focus and practice safely.

Under the phrase, the numbers on the left of the “rewind” symbol are suggested positions to practice before the card at hand, while the numbers on the right of the “fast-forward” symbol are suggested positions or counterposes to play after the card at hand.

The “volume” symbol under the phrase gives you an indication of how advanced the position is. The fire figure will indicate if a position is aimed at building heat and make your muscles burn. This way you can choose to create a dynamic sequence or a relaxing one.

With these indications, creating sequences has never been so easy!

See PlayPauseBe in action!

Target Benefits of the following sequence:



On the top of each card we added which chakra the pose activates. For each pose, you can find highlighted, the chakras involved.

This way, you can easily create sequences based on a specific chakra theme, or discover a deeper understanding of each pose on an energetic level.

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra

Get Specific Benefits from your Yoga Practice

On the back of each card, you will find 10 benefits. The ones that are relevant for the card at hand are highlighted. This way you can also create a practice according to your health goals.



Digestive System




Immune System

Organ & Hormones



Front & Backside of the cards with highlighted benefits

Discover our Cards

Preview of 27 cards from the PlayPauseBe Deck

Bring your practice to the NEXT level... with the New Expansion Deck.

For the yogis that want to build longer sequences, we have created a deck including copies of the most common positions, bonus cards for sequence building and intentional cards that encourage you to bring more purpose to your practice.

+78 cards!

The bonus cards are designed to help you remember to:

Pause in a particular position

Repeat a position or a sequence

Do a vinyasa as a transition from one pose to another

+12 new intentional cards!

The intentional cards are the perfect solution if you’re struggling to find new ideas and inspiration for your yoga practices. Each card features a stunning artwork, representing a specific quality, such as self-love, compassion, truth, confidence, grounding, freedom… and so on.

Take a moment to absorb the magical energy from each card and let the power of your inner intuition show you what to focus on…

An iconic piece of art

The decks are a work of art made by the renowned Italian artist Giulia Rosa who personally designed the cards in every detail. It took us over a year to create the final version of the decks.

Umberto, our founder, believes Giulia will one day be the next Andy Warhol*, and the PlayPauseBe deck will be a truly iconic product helping millions of Yogis around the world.

*Since they first met in 2020, Giulia has been featured in Forbes and as a guest in national and international exhibitions. You can find Giulia on Instagram @giuliajrosa where she has a following of more than 500k

A newly designed,
long lasting box.

The rigid box is made with a fine Linen-structured paper and the cards are made of a 320g Pro paper produced in Italy from FSC Certified sources. The highest standard in terms of flexibility, resistance to moisture, and durability.

Practice in a

Log Off and Tune In

The PlayPauseBe yoga decks help you create a regular practice that unleashes your spirit in a distraction-free environment, where you can forget about your digital devices for a while.

Feel free to practice whenever and wherever you want: at home, in nature, or in your favorite spot, and enjoy the beauty of the present moment.

Eco-friendly Production

The PlayPauseBe cards are made in Europe with the highest quality, sustainable materials available. Our Eco factory is powered by solar energy, uses rainwater in sanitary installations, and recycles all production waste. Our goal is to make sure that we do not grow at the expense of our planet and its climate.

What is going to happen to your yoga practice?

In four words: It will improve dramatically.


We have taken a step further into the realm of immersive training, retaining the  acclaimed essence of the decks’ previous version, and boosting it up with an even more comprehensive degree of mindfulness.

Some benefits you’ll get from the new PlayPauseBe decks

Build up your own sequences in a simpler and safer way, thanks to our unique, logical, straight-to-the-point system of referencing between cards and the 100-page user’s manual (both on paper, and immediately downloadable as PDF, for maximum versatility).

Enhanced conscious training: design your own sequences, based upon your very skills, so you can move forward “automatically” at your own pace. Follow your breath and listen to your body at a deeper level.

Exercise focusing on YOUR specific health needs and goals, thanks to the benefit icons printed on the back of each card. (You can for instance design sequences dedicated to help better your sleep, improve focus or boost your immune system.)

You’ll be able to lay out sequences that target every single Chakra you wish to focus on. (So you will be able to connect deeply to your energetic body.)

Get into “mindfulness mode” everywhere you are, at any moment, instantly! - You can practice yoga at your will, even if you’re in the middle of a rainforest, and detach your eyes from retina-sucking devices. No internet connection is required.

Unlimited inspiration and step-by-step, paint-by-numbers walkthrough for your yoga sequences and class themes. (Your students will literally worship your expertise.)

Master yoga as part of your daily routine; level up quicker, better, and with less effort than you can ever imagine. (ignite into your body more strength, dexterity, flexibility, and forge a steel-grounded mind).

Discover All In PRO

The best choice for those who are committed to bring their Yoga practice to the next level

PlayPauseBe PRO includes the Yoga deck (82 cards), the Expansion Deck (78 additional cards) and the Yin Deck (68 cards) plus all the Yoga Sequence Guidebook (Vol.1 & Vol 2 & Yin Vol.1), giving you safe and enjoyable yoga sequences to do with your PlayPauseBe cards.

You will also get lifetime access to Asana Academy (Vol. 1) and Yin PRO, with over a 150 lessons covering each of the asanas included in the Yoga decks and other super important topics to help you grow in your self practice.

Are you ready to join our community?

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Playpausebe is not just a product. As soon as you make your purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to join our Facebook Group. A unique place for yoga students and teachers to connect, ask for feedback, share sequences, challenge each other and receive support not only from our teachers but also from the experienced yogis inside the community!

Still Thinking?

Take It From Our Happy Customers

Why choose PlayPauseBe?

A regular yoga practice brings life-changing benefits to your body, mind and soul.

However, in this fast-paced society that asks us to be connected 24/7, it’s often challenging to switch off and go within (even while doing yoga!).

This is why we created the PlayPauseBe Yoga deck.

Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced yogi, or a yoga teacher, these revolutionary decks cards will help you practice with zero distractions and build sequences easily with confidence and inspiration.

82 illustrated poses in 9 categories

A unique sequencing reference system

Cues to practice safely

Benefits for each pose

Name in English and in Sanskrit

Difficulty level indications

Chakra indications for each pose

Intention Cards


Our Story

PlayPauseBe is one of the most successful Yoga projects in Kickstarter’s history. Our mission is to empower Yogis from all over the world and bring more purpose and awareness to their practice.

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Absolutely yes! The PlayPauseBe Yoga Decks already helped thousands of yoga teachers around the world. The Decks are very useful for teachers because:
• You get TONS of inspiration for your class themes
• You can plan your classes in a much faster and more efficient way
• You can memorize your sequences easily thanks to the visual content
• The descriptions on each card help you learn and remember the appropriate queueing and Sanskrit name of every single pose


And much more!


Yes, the PlayPauseBE Decks are also meant to introduce beginners to yoga self-practice. They will help you to have a deeper understanding of this discipline in a more proactive way, practice without a screen, and help you to build your own yoga routine.

You can find all the indications you need to create your sequences, not only on the cards but also on the physical booklet AND on the online manual.
Plus, you will always have the support of our teachers (and the experienced yogis in the community!) in our Facebook Group, dedicated to those who want to deepen their practice with the PlayPauseBe decks.

We are constantly working to add new poses: one of our next projects is to add expansion decks, ONLY for extra poses! Don’t hesitate to contact us at and share with us which poses you would like to see and we will take it into consideration.


You can find all the indications you need to create your sequences, not only on the cards but also on the physical booklet AND on the online manual. Plus, you will always have the support of our teachers (and the experienced yogis in the community!) in our Facebook Group, dedicated to those who want to deepen their practice with the PlayPauseBe decks.

We know that sometimes it can be tricky to start the journey into self-practice. If you’re not used to it, you can find yourself overwhelmed with questions and doubts.

That’s why we created the PlayPauseBe Facebook group: a wonderful community for all yogis and yoginis who want to share their paths together and support each other. For any questions or doubts, you can post inside the group and our teacher and the experienced practitioners inside the community will be happy to help! 

If you don’t have Facebook, you can reach us at or and we’re going to reach you back as soon as possible.

The expansion deck is meant to be used for the yogis that want to build longer sequences. Inside this expansion deck, you will find copies of the most common positions, 12 intentional cards, and some bonus cards for sequence building.

We ship PlayPauseBe everywhere in the world. Shipping times depend on your location. We have 3 warehouses across the globe:

  • Dallas, United States
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Heerlen, Netherlands

If you want more information click here

We offer a 15 days money-back guarantee. Furthermore, if there are any defects or damage to the product not caused by the customer, we will replace the product free of charge.

Card Number Position
1 Cat Cow
2 Shoulder Warm Up
3 Seated Side Stretch
4 Seated Gentle Twist
5 Wrist Warm Up
6 Butterfly
7 Open Chest
8 Neck
9 Thread the Needle
10 Core
11 Sun Salutations A
12 Sun Salutations B
13 Mountain Pose
14 Standing Forward Fold
15 Chair Pose
16 Twisted Chair Pose
17 Crescent Lunge – High Lunge
18 Triangle Pose
19 Warrior 1
20 Warrior 2
21 Reverse Warrior 2
22 Wide-Legged Forward Bend
23 Extended Side Angle Pose
24 Knee to nose
25 knee to elbows
26 Extended Side Angle binds
27 Wild Thing
28 3 legged dog
29 Dancer Pose
30 Tree Pose
31 Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
32 Warrior 3
33 Eagle Pose
34 Cobra
35 Upward Facing Dog
36 Locust Pose
37 Bow Pose
38 Bridge Pose
39 Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose
40 Camel Pose
41 Fish Pose
42 pyramid pose
43 Fallen triangle
44 Shoulder Stand
45 Plow Pose
46 Headstand
47 The Clown or Tripod Headstand
48 Downward Facing Dog
49 Dolphin
50 Upward Table or Upward Plank
51 Plank Pose
52 Plank to Four Limbed Staff Pose
53 Side Plank
54 Crow Pose
55 Eight-Angle Pose
56 Firefly
57 Side Crow
58 figure 4
59 Child’s Pose
60 Seated Forward Fold
61 Half Split or Split
62 Low Lunge Pose
63 Pigeon Pose
64 Wide Legged Forward Fold
65 Boat Pose
66 Head-to-Knee Forward Bend
67 Seated Twist
68 Half Moon
69 Standing Split
70 Super Soldier
71 Forearm Stand
72 Handstand
73 Bird of Paradise Pose
74 Flying Pigeon
75 Supine Twist
76 Reclining Bound Angle Pose
77 Happy Baby
78 Knees to Chest
79 Feet Up the Wall
80 Savasana
81 Fetal Pose
82 Namaste
PlayPauseBe is a Project by Strumpi LTD
271 Upper Street, London, England, N1 2UQ
VAT: GB 340489693
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PlayPauseBe is a Project by Strumpi LTD
271 Upper Street, London, England, N1 2UQ | VAT: GB 340489693

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