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A breathtaking deck of 72 cards that helps you practice yoga mindfully, target specific benefits and add variety to your practice.

Learn how PlayPauseBe became one of the most successful Yoga projects in Kickstarter’s history

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Create Yoga sequences like a pro

PlayPauseBe is a deck of cards that allows you to create yoga sequences like a pro. It is a system specifically developed to practice yoga mindfully, finally disconnecting from everything.

How Does It Work?​

The deck is a beautiful work of art made of 72 cards. There are 9 categories that will take you through a complete yoga practice, from warm up to slow down.

Log Off Tune In

PlayPauseBe helps you create an infinite number of sequences, whether you are a beginner or advanced. On every card, beneath each position there is a simple phrase that helps you set your focus.

The dots under the phrase give you an indication of how advanced the position is. The fire figure will indicate if a position is aimed to build heat an make your muscles burn. This way you can choose to create a dynamic sequence or a relaxing one.  Challenge yourself!


On the other side of each card you will find 10 benefits. The ones that are relevant for the card at hand are highlighted.
This way you can also create a practice according to the benefits that you want to obtain.




Immune System

Digestive System

Organ & Hormones





Pose 50 – Front & Back side of the card with highlighted benefits

The Expansion Deck

For the yogis that want to build longer sequences we have created a deck
including copies of the most common positions and some bonus cards for sequence building.

+ 82 Cards!

Building Your Practice with PPB

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Read what Yogis say about PlayPauseBe:

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Received both decks for Christmas, absolutely love them. The cards are beautiful. Especially love that the English name and Sanskrit name are both on the cards. Let's me work out sequences for my classes. The descriptions are well written and have given me new ways to call out poses. An incredible purchase. Thank you.
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Bonjour! I received my decks & I love them! I intend to use them on my professionnal page for my community. A Play Pause Be Moment together 😉 Love from Paris.
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My yoga cards arrived this morning and I am so thrilled with them! Beautiful design and quality and very user friendly! I have already recommended them to a friend! Arrived much faster then expected too! 🧘‍♀️
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These cards are just beautiful, very informative and will really enable me to develop a varied practice according to my skills. ❤ ❤ ❤

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