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Thank you again for joining PlayPauseBe, in this page you will find some useful tool to improve your experience with the PlayPauseBe deck!

The PlayPauseBe manual

If you want to improve your Yoga practice with our cards have a look at our online manual. It’s the perfect tool to know your PlayPauseBe deck better and discover each card.

PlayPauseYoga Academy

The place where you can improve Yoga practice faster and in a mindful way. Join our online courses with unlimited lifetime access!

Asana Academy Vol. 1

Yin Academy

Sequencing Academy

Upside Down in 30 days


The PlayPauseBe Guidebooks

Our digital “guidebooks” give you not only safe & enjoyable yoga sequences to do with your PlayPauseBe cards, but also a new way to build your sequences, increasing your creativity and fun (& get a feel for how to create your own proper sequences in the future!)

Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.1

Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.2

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