Create Yoga Sequences Like A Pro
No Matter Your Level

Create Yoga Sequences Like A Pro No Matter Your Level

Sequencing Academy is the only yoga sequencing course that empowers yogis of ALL levels to cultivate a safe, effective and fun self-practice.

Sequencing Academy will empower you to come to your mat each day with the confidence and knowledge needed to create yoga flows that feel blissful for your mind, body, and soul.

Explore the art of sequencing, learning how to best structure a yoga session for your unique needs.

Discover simple yet incredible yoga sequencing methods that will give your self-practice tons more creativity, inspiration, and joy.

How Sequencing Academy
Will Uplevel Your Practice

Knowing how to sequence is the key to experiencing an effective and sustainable yoga practice.
Sequencing academy will help you:

Is Sequencing Academy For You?


You may be thinking, "I'm a beginner; is the sequencing academy too advanced for me?". The answer is absolutely not! Without understanding how yoga poses are weaved together and which asanas should be practised where you'll struggle to move beyond the basics. Experienced PlayPauseBe instructor Tine breaks everything down in an easy-to-understand and visual way using the PlayPauseBe deck, perfect for those with limited yoga knowledge.


Are you ready to level up? So you've been practising for a while now and have a good understanding of the most common postures and flows. Sequencing academy will help you take your practice to the next level. You'll learn how to effectively combine postures to make short and extended sessions tailored to your unique needs each day.

Advanced Practitioners

You may be able to do Headstand or Crow Pose, but do you know how to sequence an entire class, just like your favourite instructor does? Sequencing academy will show you exactly how to create powerful yoga sequences that flow beautifully, help you reach your asana goals, and challenge you physically and mentally.


Sequencing academy serves as a refresher and reminder of the many different sequencing options. You'll no longer have to keep creating the same types of sequences and worrying if your students are bored. With these innovative methods, you'll gain tons of new inspiration and ideas for your classes!

Here Are Some Of The Things That You'll Love Inside Sequencing Academy

Sequencing Academy is like no other online yoga course…

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Sequencing Academy

Sequencing Academy

Other courses

Our Instructor


Since her early age, Tine has been passionate about movement. Over 15 years ago, she found yoga as an extension to her life as a dancer and began teaching Yoga in the discipline of Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa. Since then, she has become increasingly passionate about Yin Yoga and the intention in and behind it. She has a great deal of experience with working on balance, flexibility and strength. 

“Physical performance is important; but it is only a part of the picture. The dancers that will catch your eye are not necessarily the ones with the perfect technique, but the ones that have completely become one with their movements (connecting the body and mind) – surrendering themselves and thus enabling a communication that goes beyond the purely physical. 

The practice to me is a constant study, both mentally and physically – listening to your body and mind and trying to act and challenge accordingly.”

Still Considering?

Take It From Our Happy Yoga Students:

Lewis Lindsey
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"After falling in love with yoga six months ago, I've tried to practice at home but felt confused and apprehensive whenever I came to my mat. Sequencing Academy really helped me understand how a yoga session should be sequenced and why. Now I can create sequences at home that feel as wonderful in my body as attending classes."
Josephine Harper
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"I had been practising yoga at home for some time but had never learned how to sequence. So I would try to wing it and do short flows I remembered in class. Now I've discovered Sequencing Academy and everything has changed! My body feels so much better after practice, my muscles don't get sore anymore, and I don't end up fatigued. I just wish I learned sequencing sooner."
Kathleen Davidson
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"As a yoga teacher, I was sceptical about whether I would learn much from this course. I thought the sequencing module on my YTT was pretty good, but wow, this course is so in-depth. I discovered at least four new sequencing methods and learned many helpful tips. I can't wait to impress my students with my new knowledge!"

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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT