A New Way To Find Balance In Your Practice And Your Life

Yin Academy offers an engaging and comprehensive experience for discovering the secrets of Yin Yoga. Learn or deepen your practice in the quickest, simplest way, even if you’re a total beginner.

Yin Academy is your antidote to a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle.

Keep fatigue, burn-out, and disease at bay with a slow, passive, and meditative yoga style that works therapeutically on all levels, nourishing your body, mind, and spirit.

Yin Academy teaches you how to create an effective and independent yoga practice that you can turn to whenever you need more stillness, calm, or balance.

Yin Academy will give you the tools and knowledge to:

Fully unwind after a busy day, restoring your energy so you can be present with those who matter the most.

Bring your stress levels under control and find zen-like calm amidst the many modern-day stressors.

Banish anxious and self-sabotaging thoughts, gaining control over your mind to steer your life in the direction you want.

Improve your flexibility and mobility, supporting you to go further in other yoga styles and sports.

Fall asleep effortlessly at night and enjoy deeper sleep, waking up rejuvenated each morning.

And much more!

Discover the 4 modules

and the 62 lessons

Is Yin Academy For You?

Yin Yoga is a yoga style that does not discriminate. No matter your yoga experience, fitness level, or body type, Yin Academy will help you build and maintain a daily therapeutic practice for your body and mind.


Discover the most accessible yoga style! Our instructor Illona will start from the beginning, explaining what YIN yoga is and how it affects us on a deep level physically, mentally, and emotionally. She’ll then offer many different modifications for each pose. You can start with the easiest ones and challenge yourself to try other variations as you progress.


Gain total freedom and independence in your yoga practice! Discover many new yin poses and learn how to sequence them together to create an at-home routine that is as beneficial as a studio class.

Advanced Practitioners & Teachers

Perfect your practice! Thanks to the in-depth lessons in Yin Academy, you’ll discover exactly how to approach each posture. With this much detail, you’ll observe and correct any small mistakes you were making that we’re stopping you from accessing Yin’s fullest potential. For teachers, you’ll gain additional insights and discover new, more effective ways to instruct poses in your classes.

How YIN Academy
Will Uplevel Your Practice

Yin Yoga offers multiple benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.
YIN Academy will help you:

Experience more presence on the mat and in your daily life, improving your relationship with yourself and others.

Discover how to listen to your body and discover its unique needs, gaining deeper self-awareness.

Learn how to work with your body's fascia, reaching new levels of flexibility and well-being.

Work with the Chinese meridian channels that nourish your organs and boost your immune system, aiding healing on an energetic level.

Learn the most accessible and effective way to build Yin Yoga sequences, enabling you to create practices that meet your specific needs that day

Why You Need YIN Yoga in Your Life

How Does Yin Yoga Work?

Yin Yoga targets the deeper connective tissues like fascia, where we typically hold tension. As we hold a yin yoga pose, we break down the fascia to create more fluidity and openness in the body.

This results in a more significant increase in flexibility and mobility than in “Yang” styles of yoga like Hatha or Vinyasa. So, if you’ve been practicing other yoga styles but feel you are still inflexible, it could be because the tension is in the deeper connective tissues rather than the superficial muscles. 

By targeting these tissues through yin yoga, you’ll reach a level of fluidity that no other movement practice can deliver.


To target this fascia, you must approach and hold each pose correctly and for the right duration.

For example, if you move around too much or too quickly, your body will struggle to relax, and thus, you won’t be able to go deep into the posture, where all the juiciest benefits are found. This is why following a structured course like Yin Academy that breaks everything down in detail is essential.

Other courses vs.

Yin Academy

Yin Academy

Other courses

The Instructors

Since her early age, Tine has been passionate about movement. Over 15 years ago, she found yoga as an extension to her life as a dancer and began teaching Yoga in the discipline of Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa. Since then, she has become increasingly passionate about Yin Yoga and the intention in and behind it. She has a great deal of experience with working on balance, flexibility and strength. 

“Physical performance is important; but it is only a part of the picture. The dancers that will catch your eye are not necessarily the ones with the perfect technique, but the ones that have completely become one with their movements (connecting the body and mind) – surrendering themselves and thus enabling a communication that goes beyond the purely physical. 

The practice to me is a constant study, both mentally and physically – listening to your body and mind and trying to act and challenge accordingly.”

Half Swiss half Mauritian, Illona is a free spirit with a passion for the natural flow of life. With 600 hours of instructor training and over 1500 hours of teaching, she accompanies people through their personal journeys and teaches them to channel both physical and mental strength.

She was born to teach; you will be amazed at how effective and fluid her communication is! Even the hardest position feels easy with her teaching.

Still Considering?

Take It From Our Happy Yoga Students:

Traci Owen
Read More
"I always wanted to learn Yin Yoga but could never find in-person classes that fit my schedule. The Yin Academy course exceeded all my expectations; every pose is explained in detail, and I love how Illona gave variations for all levels. I now feel so much more confident in my practice and am using my new-found knowledge to make yin sequences with the deck every day!"
Maureen Snyder
Read More
"I'm so glad I got this course; it's the perfect companion to the Yin deck and has helped me so much in creating a yin practice. I followed Illona's instructions and tried her suggestions and noticed a huge improvement. Each video is full of valuable info that I learn something new each time I rewatch."
Armando Salazar
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"Wow, for the price, I wasn't expecting such incredible quality! Everything is top-class, from the visuals to the audio to the instruction itself. A must-have for anyone looking to learn Yin yoga!"

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Yin Academy

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Introduction to Yin Yoga & tips for getting the most from your practice
Precautions and how to practice safely
Meridians and Chakras course ( coming soon! )

Warm Up

Ankle Stretch
Body Waves
Cat Cow
Chest Waves
Head Waves
Hip Waves
Spine Roll Out
Wrist Warm Up


Banana Pose
Belly Twist
Broken Wing Pose
Butterfly Pose
Cat Pulling Its Tail
Caterpillar Pose
Child’s Pose
Child’s Pose Side Stretch
Constructive Rest Pose Stretch
Deer Pose
Diamond Pose
Dragonfly Pose – Straddle
Fire Log Pose – Square Pose
Forward Fold
Frog Pose
Half Shoelace Pose
Half Split Pose
Happy Baby Pose
Head to Knee Forward Bend
Hero Pose
Knees to Chest Pose
Legs Up the Wall
Lizard Pose
Open Wing Pose
Plough Pose
Puppy Pose
Reclining Butterfly Pose
Reclining Pigeon Pose
Reclining Tree Pose
Revolved Head of the Knee
Seal Pose
Seated Head Stretch 1
Seated Head Stretch 2
Seated Twist Pose
Shoelace Pose – Cows Face
Sleeping Swan
Sleeping Vishnu Pose
Squat Pose
Supported Banana
Supported Bridge
Supine Spinal Twist
Thread the Needle
Toe Squat
Tortoise Pose
Twisted Dragon
Twisted Roots

Slow Down

Corpse Pose
Reverse Corpse Pose
Supported Reclined Butterfly
Supported Savasana

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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT