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The All In PRO Bundle revolutionized my yoga routine with its vast array of asanas and meditative practices; it's an invaluable asset for deepening practice and expanding knowledge whether you are a student or a teacher. The high-quality materials and the supportive community further enriched my yoga journey.

All In PRO Bundle

Discover the transformative power of yoga with the All In PRO Bundle — an essential collection crafted for those who aspire to elevate their practice and teaching to new heights. Whether you’re deepening your own journey or guiding others, this bundle is a goldmine, offering exclusive insights into various yoga styles, meditation techniques and deeper learning through specially curated guidebooks and courses. From the basics to advanced Hatha-Vinyasa flows, to the stillness of Yin yoga and the meditative practices of Mudras, this bundle paves the way for a rich, varied, and in-depth yoga experience. This All In PRO Bundle includes:
  • All 5 exclusive yoga decks (Yoga Deck, Expansion, Asana Expansion, Yin, and Mudra Decks), enjoy the widest range of asana and sequence options from multiple yoga styles to a vast array of Mudra routines. 
  • Lifetime access to our 4 comprehensive online courses (Asana Academy Vol.1 and Vol.2, Yin Academy and Mudra Mastery). Dive deeper into your yoga practice with these resources, covering more than 200 poses across Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin styles, and a thorough exploration of over 60 mudras and the application of 10 different mudra routines.
  • All 4 Yoga sequence guidebooks: Vol.1, Vol 2, Yin, and Asana Expansion – Start practicing straight away and never run out of inspiration with over 70 pre-made yoga sequences. 

Unboxing the All In PRO Bundle

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With the All In PRO Bundle, you’ll receive:

All 5 PlayPauseBe Decks:

Elevate your yoga experience with the comprehensive PlayPauseBe Decks collection, designed to refresh and expand your practice with depth and diversity. Across all five decks, you’ll explore new asanas, sequence variations, and the spiritual dimensions of yoga, seamlessly integrating physical postures with energetic and meditative practices.

  • Yoga Deck (82 cards): Build your foundations with 82 hand-drawn asanas, featuring benefits, cues, chakra indications, and Sanskrit names for each pose.
  • Expansion Deck (78 cards): This set enhances your yoga journey with additional copies of popular poses from the Yoga Deck, plus exclusive sequencing cards and intention cards. These tools are designed to guide you in crafting more comprehensive and structured yoga sessions, allowing for a richer and more varied practice.
  • Asana Expansion Deck (77 cards): Unlock 71 new poses and 6 pranayama cards to add unlimited yoga sequencing possibilities into your routine.
  • Yin Deck (68 cards): Delve into the soothing practice of yin yoga to enhance stillness and serenity in your life. 
  • Mudra Deck (76 cards): Dive deep into the world of hand gestures learning to channel energy and amplify mindfulness for emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness​. 

Lifetime access to 4 Courses from our Online Academy 

Begin a journey of profound transformation with our comprehensive online courses. Tailored to enrich every aspect of your yoga practice, these courses delve deeply into the nuances of yoga poses, breathing techniques, and mudras. Perfect for both beginners and experienced yoga instructors, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to support and advance your yoga journey. It seamlessly blends the wisdom of traditional practice with contemporary insights, offering rich, engaging content that elevates your understanding and execution of yoga at every level.

  • Asana Academy Vol.1: A foundational course focusing on the poses within the original Yoga deck. 
  • Asana Academy Vol.2: Extend your skills with 71 new poses and comprehensive modules to take your practice even further​.
  • Mudra Mastery: A detailed exploration of over 65 mudras, integrating Vedic astrology, palmistry, and holistic health into your practice​. 
  • Yin Academy: Four modules and 62 lessons on Yin yoga for a meditative and restorative practice that nurtures body and mind​.

4 Yoga Sequence Guidebooks:

A set of 4 guidebooks (Yoga Sequence Guidebook Vol.1, Vol.2, Yin and Asana Expansion Guidebooks) to enrich your understanding and application of yoga principles. 

With over 70 pre-made sequences, these guidebooks are your go-to tool when you want to work on something specific in your practice, like building towards a particular peak pose or focusing on one benefit, chakra, or meridian.

  • Each sequence is accompanied by its duration, targeted benefits, and a descriptive prompt to guide you in your practice.
  • You’ll find an organized Index listing all sequences by duration and the primary focus for easy reference.
  • Clear layout of sequences showing the exact placement of cards, with rows designed for repetition or bilateral practice as instructed by prompts.
  • Inclusion of PlayPauseBe card indicators to craft flows with sequence numbers, benefits, intensity, and heat markers.
  • Sequences targeting each chakra and season (featured in Volume 1) for a comprehensive approach to practice that aligns with the body’s energy centers and the cyclical patterns of nature.
  • Varied sequence levels for progressive goals like hip flexibility, shoulder opening, and leg strengthening, allowing for gradual progression based on personal strength and flexibility (featured in Volume 2).
  • 20 Yin yoga sequences aimed to target different benefits such as emotional release, flexibility, stillness, and focus.
  • 15 additional routines (featured in the Asana Expansion Guidebook) incorporating a variety of new asanas for diverse objectives like balance, digestion, vitality, bedtime relaxation, and grounding.
  • These digital guidebooks are immediately accessible as a download so you can use them anytime, anywhere.



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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT