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A new upcoming project… are you ready?

June 29, 2021


How’s your self practicing going? But, most of all… How do you feel in your daily life?

I still remember the words of one of my Masters, who once said…

“Judge your practice not by the way you practice, but by the way you LIVE.”

These words blew my mind.

As you know we don’t practice yoga to show up, “nail it” on the mat and go home. That’s not the point.

Yoga is a tool and its purpose is to challenge you on the mat so you can live easier in your daily life… 

…to make you more conscious, more aware of your patterns, overcome your fears, unfold your true essence, no matter how hard life is out there.

I know what you may be thinking now…

It’s hard to remember these things when you’re outside your home or yoga studio.

And I get it. Don’t think it didn’t happen to me in the past!

After I practiced yoga my positive mood would last 1 or 2 hours…

Then something unexpected would happen, and all my old patterns would rush back to the surface.

Mood swings, overthinking, complaining… and so on.

This happened no matter how often I practiced yoga.

I still remember some harsh words I said to an old friend who was venting to me about something, years ago:

“Please… I JUST finished an hour and a half of yoga practice. I want to stay in a calm state… but you’re ruining it!!”

Do you see the contradiction?

I reflected on this when I returned home that day.

“No matter how much yoga I do, I still get so upset all the time… 

“What’s the point of all this practice?”

I remember that moment, because after that I started going deeper into this discipline.

I knew something was missing.

And I discovered not just “something”, but a whole world beyond the asanas.

I started discovering the science of sequences, the pranayama (or breathing techniques), mudras, meditation, mantras…

But the thing that transformed my life the most was when I discovered… 

Yamas and Niyamas.

Are you familiar with these?

I heard about them when I started reading Yoga Sutras of Patanjali — the main text that contains everything related to Hatha Yoga.

They are 10 rules of conduct (or “prescriptions”) and are considered a starting point for any worthwhile path in Yoga.

They have nothing to do with morality, with being good or bad. 

They are not even fixed rules.

But, like a compass that helps you to orient yourself from the point you are now…

The Yamas and Niyamas help you keep the yogic path off the mat, amidst the storms of life.

And these guiding ideas give you powerful insights that let you examine yourself, and review your own values.

But, let’s be honest…  they mean NOTHING if you keep them locked away in your mind.

The power of these Sanskrit words isn’t fully realized until you integrate them with the asanas, pranayama, meditations, and last but not least… 

In your daily life.

This is the only way to LIVE Yoga 360 degrees, no matter how hard your experience is outside your mat.

It took me years and years to understand this, and actually apply it.

To help you avoid the mistakes I made, I’m launching a new project that you can take part in.

This little journey will inspire you to improve both your yoga practice and your daily life.

And… guess what? It’s totally free!

This is because I want to support you in your self-practice with PlayPauseBe. These principles are the first step to integrating yoga into your daily life.

So, here’s the deal…  

Over the next 2 months (July and August) I’ll write you a special, weekly email. In July I’ll be discussing 1 Yama each week. In August I’ll discuss 1 Niyama each week. 

Basically… each email will dive into a concept that had a lasting, positive impact on my perception in life.

I want you to experience the same.

In the weeks that follow, I’ll share with you some practical insights to further explore the Yama/Niyama of the month. You’ll apply it to your asanas, pranayama, meditation practices, and in your daily life. 

I’ll encourage you to join me and explore yourself. Be curious. Let these concepts soak in.

If you keep an open mind, these ideas might just change your life.

If you can’t wait to start… well, I feel the same way!

Do you ever find yourself in the same situation as I did years ago?

Have you already learned about the Yamas and Niyamas?

Are you excited to find out more about these guiding principles?

Feel free to hit REPLY and tell me anything.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!

With love,

P.S. A little reminder for you… 

The PlayPauseBe Facebook community has grown a lot over the past month and there has been a LOT of helpful comments and guidance.

It’s also a great place to ask for support (or offer some support to others ).

If you haven’t already joined, go here to join and I’ll see you inside!

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