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It looks absolutely amazing, what a fantastic job you have done. Loving the cards and the course. Thank you so much💕🙏 …

PlayPauseBe PRO

PlayPauseBe PRO is the best choice for those who are committed to bring their Yoga practice to the next level. It includes the Yoga deck (82 cards), the Expansion Deck (78 additional cards), both Sequence Guidebook (Vol.1 & Vol 2), giving you safe & enjoyable yoga sequences to do with your PlayPauseBe cards. You will also get lifetime access to PlayPauseYoga, a course with over a 100 lessons covering each of the asanas included in the Yoga deck and other super important topics to help you grow in your self practice.

Unboxing the PlayPauseBe PRO

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Yoga Deck

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Expansion Deck

Here Are Some Of The Things That You’ll Love Inside the Yoga Deck and the Expansion Deck 👇

  • Build your own sequences in a simple and safe way thanks to our unique system of references between cards. 
  • Practice Mindfully: move at your own speed, following your breath and listening to your body.
  • Create a practice according to the benefits that you want to obtain thanks to the symbols on the back of each card.
  • Create sequences based on a specific chakra theme, or discover a deeper understanding of each pose on an energetic level.
  • New: 12 Intentional cards to find new ideas and inspiration for your yoga practices (self-love, compassion, truth, confidence, grounding, freedom and more!) 
  • Additional Bonus Cards designed to help you remember to pause in a particular position, repeat a pose or even an entire sequence and do a vinyasa as a transition from one pose to another.


Here Are Some Of The Things That You’ll Love Inside Guidebooks Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 👇

  • 23 yoga sequences using the PlayPauseBe deck (Volume 1)
  • 25 yoga sequences using the PlayPauseBe deck (Volume 2)
  • Detailed tutorial page that clearly explains how to use the guidebook.
  • Each sequence has a duration, a purpose (benefits, peak pose, etc.) and a prompt that describes how to approach it.
  • A handy Index that lists all the sequences with their duration and main purpose.
  • Each sequence is clearly listed out exactly how you’ll lay your cards down.
  • Sequences are laid out in rows so you can repeat if needed, or perform cards on both sides of the body. (The prompt will explain what you should do.)
  • The PlayPauseBe card indicators are used in building each flow. (Sequence numbers, benefits, intensity markers and heat markers.)
  • Different levels of sequences building towards the same goals (hips flexibility, shoulders opening, legs reinforcement…). Developed to help you work towards your goals step by step, and giving you the possibility to choose how deep you want to work. Depending on your level of strength and flexibility. ( Volume 2)
  • A new way to create sequences using the “loop technique” explained in detail, we’ve even included 1 audio-recording! (Volume 2)
  • These digital guidebooks are immediately accessible as a download so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Asana Academy (Vol. 1) Course

Learn to execute every pose flawlessly, including challenging inversions and arm balances. Understand how to sequence correctly to ensure you warm up and cool down, minimizing the risk of injury. Understand the alignment, contraindications, and targeted muscles for each asana, building high self-awareness about what is happening in your body.

Here Are Some Of The Things That You’ll Love Inside Asana Academy (Vol. 1)👇

  • Understand every nuanced detail in performing the exact positions included in the PlayPauseBe deck.
  • Never doubt the way you’re entering, holding, and exiting yoga poses ever again!
  • Develop your own mindful self-practice within days of consistently using the course materials… and learn every move in the deck within weeks.
  • Ease your way into a healthful yoga practice by knowing EXACTLY where safety should be a concern… and never over-stretching, over-working… or injuring yourself!
  • Good breathing is all about “belly breathing,” right? Wrong! Learn the three areas of the breath that you need to be mindful of in your Yoga practice.
  • Why it’s absolutely critical that you use props to ease into certain moves… and when you can stop using them.
  • The simple three-steps to take (that uses the proportions of YOUR body) to get perfect hip distance so you don’t strain one side of your body (so simple, but so important later! See lesson 13).
  • Learn the most critical pose you must return to mid flow, when you’re losing your breath or rhythm…
  • How to avoid the incredibly common mistake people make when moving into the beautiful Dancer Pose — and how to “be like a drop of water!”
  • What never to do when doing backbends… so many people do this and overextend their lumbar spines (leading to weeks of chronic pain).
  • PLUS — An easy way to start doing the “complex” Eight Angle Pose. Illona shows you the exact steps that make it seem as easy as Downward Dog!



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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT