Explore the Profound Benefits of Chair Yoga

And Achieve Mindfulness in Minutes Anywhere, Anytime

With Chair Yoga comfort and progress go hand-in-hand, proving that yoga is genuinely for everybody and every body. Thanks to our revolutionary Chair Yoga deck, every asana becomes an opportunity to explore depth, support, and balance without constraints of age, fitness, or time.

Why Chair Yoga

Although we spend most of our lives sitting, we often underestimate the potential of a simple chair. Yet, if we fully embrace the possibilities of this humble piece of furniture, we can experience a life that’s more centered, focused, and relaxed, even in the busiest moments.

This is where Chair Yoga comes in – a versatile practice that welcomes everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or mobility.

Chair yoga not only makes previously challenging poses accessible, but it also serves as a gateway to mindfulness. It allows you to de-stress, enhance flexibility, and sharpen your focus within minutes, regardless of your location. Transform idle moments, whether it’s at the dentist’s office, during a lunch break, or a study session, into a rejuvenating mini yoga retreat.

Meet The Chair Yoga Deck

With 71 beautifully illustrated cards, each featuring a traditional yoga pose adapted for chair use, this deck ensures that yoga’s transformative power is within everyone’s reach.

This deck invites you to explore new depths in your routine, offering variety and fresh challenges for your body and mind.

  • Do you feel limited by yoga poses that just don’t fit your body?
    Adjust them with the chair and feel the same benefits, while gaining more confidence and connection with your body.
  • Struggling to fit yoga into your daily routine?
    Seamlessly incorporate yoga into even the busiest of schedules. All you require is a chair, your Chair Yoga Deck, and a moment of self-care. No mats or special settings necessary.
  • Feeling stressed and stiff after long hours at your desk? Relieve tension and rejuvenate your mind in just minutes during your breaks using your chair.
  • Facing challenges with inclusivity in your classes? Broaden your teaching horizons to skillfully guide students of diverse abilities, including seniors, individuals with physical challenges, and beginners of all levels.

No matter your level of experience,the Chair Yoga Deck is your key to a mindful and adaptable practice, no matter where life leads you.

Whether your goal is to incorporate mindfulness into specific daily moments, master new yoga poses, or cultivate tranquility and focus amid work or study, this deck is meticulously designed to align with your unique body and lifestyle.

Chair Yoga Deck
At a Glance

71 brand new illustrated poses in 9 categories

Name in English and in Sanskrit

Chakra indications on each card

Focus phrases for each posture

Visual & Written Cues To Practise Safely

Printed and digital Manual

Benefits and difficulty level for each pose

Find Your Daily Dose of Zen Whenever You Sit

We’re excited to unveil a deck that revolutionizes yoga making it accessible for everyone:
An exclusive collection of cards featuring a unique array of asanas, each thoughtfully adapted for chair support.

Created with input from our dedicated community, this deck is a testament to innovative, inclusive yoga practice. You’ve asked for more accessible versions of challenging poses, and we’ve listened.

For a rejuvenating break, embrace the Chair Yoga Deck’s variations on classic routines like:

  • Sun Salutations
  • Cat Cow
  • Cow Face Pose

Turn seated stretches into an energizing break or a gentle morning wake-up.

Enhance your stability and strengthen your balance with the chair’s support in poses like:

  • Warrior III
  • Half Moon
  • Dancer’s Pose

Use the chair for balance and enjoy these poses with added confidence and poise.

For strength, we present chair variations for arm balances like:

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Crow Pose
  • Celibate Pose

Build core and upper body strength by using a chair to modify intense arm balances, making them accessible and beneficial for all levels.

And for those seeking calm, find ease in modified poses such as

  • Child’s Pose
  • Twists
  • Happy Baby
  • Supported Sit Up the Wall

These gentle postures use the chair to provide restorative support, allowing you to release tension and cultivate peace at any point in your day.

Similarly to our other decks, the poses inside the Chair Deck are divided into 7 categories, from warm-up to slow down, to make your chair yoga practice complete even in a set of 10-minute breaks.

Use the Chair Yoga Deck as a stand-alone Chair Yoga Practice, or use it in combination with traditional yoga poses: by mixing it up with your regular deck, you unlock new dimensions of supported poses, ensuring your practice is adaptable to every need and occasion.

Whether you aim to deepen your stretch, challenge your balance, or find quick relaxation, these chair variations are crafted to enrich your yoga journey with ease and convenience.

The Same Great Features
You Know And Love, Improved

We’ve maintained all the fantastic features you know and love from our existing decks, while also incorporating improvements inspired by your feedback and our unwavering commitment to delivering the best products on the market.

The Chair Yoga deck has been upgraded with improved graphic designs, ensuring better readability. Along with an expanded format, this thoughtful redesign particularly benefits those with visual impairments.

How Will The Chair Yoga Deck
Elevate Your Self-Practice?

Embark on a yoga journey tailored to your life with the Chair Yoga Deck. Crafted to make the transformative power of yoga accessible to all, this deck removes traditional barriers to practice. It’s an ideal match for bodies of every shape and schedules of every pace, ensuring that anyone can experience the enriching benefits of yoga, anytime, anywhere.

  • Enjoy 71 yoga poses adapted with the chair, spanning across 7 categories, from warm-up to cool-down.
  • Challenge Yourself in comfort: Safely incorporate advanced poses like headstand or half moon, confidently supported by a chair.
  • Yoga On Your Terms: Integrate a practice that matches your pace and space, at home, office, or on the move.
  • Quick Mindful Breaks: Transform idle moments, like waiting at the doctor’s office or taking a mid-day pause, into rejuvenating mini yoga sessions.
  • Build Strength and Balance At Your Own Pace: Progress in strength, flexibility and balance with a steady chair-assisted practice.
  • Increase Your Energy Levels: Invigorate your office hours or study sessions with quick yoga breaks to refocus and recharge.
  • Bring Adaptability and Variety to Your Practice: Craft your unique yoga flow by mixing traditional poses with chair adaptations.
  • Teach with Inclusivity: Welcome all abilities in your class with poses suited for everyone.
  • Consistent Practice, Consistent Benefits: Easily fit yoga into your busy life and enjoy the ongoing rewards of calmness and improved focus.

Pair The Chair Yoga Deck
With These Incredible Resources

Chair Yoga Academy

Chair Yoga Academy is a comprehensive online course that covers in detail each yoga pose featured in the Chair Yoga Deck.

If you’re a student of ​​Asana Academy Vol. 1 or Vol.2 or Yin Academy, you’ll know we have already done this with the PlayPauseBe deck. Due to the incredible feedback we got from these courses, we decided to create another course solely focused on Chair Yoga.

Here’s what you can expect from
Chair Yoga Academy

  • An Introduction to Chair Yoga, its main benefits and characteristics
  • Comprehensive breakdowns of all 71 Chair Yoga Deck poses
  • Adaptive variations and accessible modifications for all skill levels 
  • Crucial tips to prevent common mistakes for a safer practice
  • Enhanced learning to deepen your practice and teaching expertise
Chair Yoga Sequence Guidebook

The Chair Yoga Sequence Guidebook is the perfect addition to the Chair Yoga Deck, offering exclusive content to enhance your practice.

Tailored to suit every need, from office breaks to senior routines, this guidebook is your answer to a diverse and fulfilling yoga experience.

Here’s what you can expect from
Chair Yoga Sequence Guidebook:

  • 15 pre-designed yoga sequences using the Chair Yoga Deck
  • Customizable routines to fit specific life scenarios or body needs
  • A detailed roadmap to increase your practice’s impact and enjoyment
  • BONUS: A mini-course introduction to chair yoga, your step-by-step guide to getting started.

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Meet the Instructor

Grecia Gómez Jiménez

Grecia is a passionate yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and somatic mentor. With a heart that values freedom, deep connection and authenticity, she weaves these principles into every aspect of her practice. Through the art of mo(ve)ment, she finds her essence. Nature, animals and life itself serve as her greatest teachers. 

Her mission is to inspire others to discover and embrace all aspects of their SELVES as they craft their own reality, a life filled with purpose, joy and fulfillment. 

Chair Yoga packages

Discover our bundle offers for the Chair Yoga Deck

Best Value Offer

Chair Yoga Deck Advanced Bundle



Last decks available
Exclusive price for Floga subscribers: $199.99
  • The Chair Yoga Deck (71 Cards + Printed Manual)
  • The Chair Yoga Guidebook Vol 1 (PDF), Including 15 new yoga sequences with detailed instructions on how to practice them.
  • Chair Yoga Academy (video course): Lifetime access to the full course covering:
    • An introduction to chair yoga, highlighting its incredible benefits.
    • In-depth instruction of all 71 poses featured in the deck.
    • Variations to make each pose extra challenging and modifications to make it more accessible, allowing you to tailor your practice to your unique needs.
    • Common alignment mistakes to avoid.
    • Additional tips on getting the most from your practice, no matter your current level.
No matter where you stand in your yoga journey, opting for the advanced bundle will bring you immense value: Chair Yoga Academy is designed to rapidly advance your self-practice, pushing your boundaries and expanding your capabilities. We’re convinced that combining our decks with our comprehensive training is the optimal path to unlocking the broadest spectrum of benefits.

Chair Yoga Deck Basic Bundle



Last decks available
Exclusive price for Floga subscribers: $129.90
  • The Chair Yoga Deck (71 Cards + Printed Manual) 
  • The Chair Yoga Guidebook Vol 1 (PDF), Including 15 new yoga sequences with detailed instructions on how to practice them.
  • Chair Yoga Basics (Video Course): This curated selection of videos from the Chair Yoga Academy provides an engaging introduction to chair yoga, highlighting its incredible benefits.

Chair Yoga Deck



Last decks available
Exclusive price for Floga subscribers: $47.99
What to Expect from the Chair Yoga Deck:
  • Detailed guidance for all 71 poses, each adapted for chair use, ensuring yoga’s benefits are accessible to everyone.
  • Variations and modifications for each pose, allowing you to adjust the intensity and accessibility to suit your needs.
  • – Tips on avoiding common alignment mistakes.
  • And much more!
Who is it for?
  • Beginners: Embark on your yoga journey with ease, building confidence and comfort in your practice.
  • Intermediate/Advanced Practitioners: Enhance your practice by incorporating chair adaptations for advanced yoga poses, adding depth and variety to your routine.
  • Yoga Instructors: Expand your teaching repertoire with accessible poses and adaptations, making yoga inclusive for all your students.

Still Thinking?

Our journey began in 2020 with a groundbreaking idea – a yoga deck designed specifically for sequencing, a first in the industry. That initial spark on Kickstarter has now ignited a global movement.

Our PlayPauseBe decks, embraced by over 100,000 yogis worldwide, are transforming the way yoga is practiced. From the United States to Japan, we’ve expanded into over 70 countries, becoming an indispensable tool for yoga enthusiasts of all levels, including thousands of instructors. 

Our decks aren’t just products; they’re a gateway to an enhanced yoga experience, helping practitioners find greater focus and presence in their self-practice.

Aside from our decks, we have built a thriving community of like-minded yogis, helped our PlayPauseBe’ers go deeper into their practice with comprehensive online courses, and recently launched a monthly publication, FLOGA.

While our initial mission was to empower yogis to add self-practice to their daily lives, we’re now working hard to create innovative products that will help you continuously deepen your experience on the mat whether you are a beginner or advanced yogis. 


Yes, the Chair Yoga Deck is suitable for all levels and ages, including absolute beginners. You’ll find short cues and visual instructions on the cards, along with longer explanations and contraindications for each pose in the manual. 

To help you understand the difficulty level of each pose, we’ve included an intensity icon. So, you can start with the more gentle poses and put the advanced asanas to the side until you become more confident and experienced. 

And remember, you always have the support of our teachers (and the experienced yogis in the community!) in our Facebook Group, dedicated to those who want to deepen their practice with the PlayPauseBe decks.

Yes, the deck offers variations that can challenge experienced yogis and deepen anyone’s practice.

Absolutely yes! The PlayPauseBe decks are the most highly recommended teaching tool for yoga teachers around the world. In fact, 32.5% of our customers are yoga instructors who find our innovative reference system insanely helpful for planning their classes.

The Decks are beneficial to both new instructors and those with years of experience because:

  • You get TONS of inspiration for your class themes, such as benefits and chakras.
  • You can plan your classes in a much faster and more efficient way.
  • You can memorise your sequences easily, thanks to the visual content.
  • The descriptions on each card help you learn and remember the appropriate queueing and Sanskrit names of every single pose.

If you have the previous PPB deck, you will find the Chair Yoga Deck gives you tons more inspiration and ideas for sequences, so you don’t get “stuck in a rut” teaching the same old flows. 

With the chair as a versatile prop, it’s simple to tailor classes for diverse groups, such as office employees or those with limited mobility, making yoga more accessible and inclusive. Embrace the adaptability of chair yoga and watch your teaching spaces expand beyond the studio, into offices and homes, enriching the practice for every student.

Not at all! Our Chair Yoga Deck is designed for use with any sturdy chair you have at home or at the office. While there are chairs made specifically for yoga, they are by no means necessary to enjoy the benefits of chair yoga. Feel free to use what’s available to you and start your practice right away.

Chair yoga modifies traditional poses to be performed while seated, making them more accessible. It’s perfect for those who may find standard poses challenging or for those practicing in confined spaces.

We know that starting a self-yoga practice can initially feel confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we created the PlayPauseBe yoga decks to give you the confidence and competence you need to practice independently.

We have included contraindications for each posture in the manual. If you have any existing injuries or health concerns, we recommend you consult the manual before creating a sequence. This will help you choose the postures that will be most beneficial to you.

Note that unlike the previous decks, we have not included sequencing suggestions on the cards. This is because they would take up too much space for this specific deck. Instead, we have included suggestions in the manual and are working on a system to improve our innovative sequence referencing method further.

Remember that you can always join the PlayPauseBe Facebook group for additional support. Here we have a wonderful community of yogis and yoginis of all levels with whom you can share your sequences for feedback. For any questions or doubts, you can post inside the group and our teachers and the experienced practitioners inside the community will be happy to help! 

If you don’t have Facebook, you can reach us at info@playpausebe.com and we’ll reply back as soon as possible.

We ship PlayPauseBe everywhere in the world. Shipping times depend on your location. We have 3 warehouses across the globe:

  • Dallas, United States
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Heerlen, Netherlands
  • Krakow, Poland

If you want more information click here

We offer a 15 days money-back guarantee. Furthermore, if there are any defects or damage to the product not caused by the customer, we will replace the product free of charge.

All the poses featured in this deck are showcased with the use of a Chair.

1 Cat Cow
2 Shoulder Warm Up
3 Cow Face Pose
4 Seated Side Stretch
5 Seated Gentle Twist
6 Around the World
7 Wrist Warm Up
8 Butterfly
9 Open Chest
10 Neck
11 Thread the Needle
12 Core
13 Sun Flow
14 Mountain Pose
15 Extended Mountain Pose
16 Forward Fold
17 High Lunge
18 Triangle Pose
19 Pyramid Pose
20 Warrior 1
21 Warrior 2
22 Reverse Warrior 2
23 Humble Warrior
24 Goddess Pose
25 Goddess Pose Side Bend
26 Extended Side Angle Pose
27 Dancer Pose
28 Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
29 Tree Pose
30 Warrior 3
31 Eagle Pose
32 Figure 4
33 Staff Pose
34 Seated Twist
35 Upward Facing Dog
36 Bow Pose
37 Bridge Pose
38 Camel Pose
39 Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose
40 Two Legged Inverted Staff Pose
41 Shoulder Stand
42 Plow Pose
43 Downward Facing Dog
44 Dolphin
45 Upward Plank
46 Plank Pose
47 One Legged Plank
48 Knee to Opposite Elbow
49 Knee to Elbow
50 Knee to Nose
51 Forearm Plank
52 Plank to Four Limbed Staff Pose
53 Side Plank
54 Forearm Side Plank
55 Reverse Tabletop Flow
56 Fallen Triangle
57 Modified Celibates Pose
58 Celibates Pose
59 Crow Pose
60 Firefly
61 Half Moon
62 Standing Split
63 Headstand
64 Forearm Stand
65 Handstand
66 Child’s Pose
67 Bowing Yoga Mudra Seated
68 Twist
69 Happy Baby
70 Feet Up the Wall
71 Savasana

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Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT