Mindfully create replenishing Yin Yoga sequences

And experience stillness and serenity in your daily life

The Revolutionary Yoga Decks used by over 100,000 yogis worldwide has now gone YIN. Experience deeper stretches and more inner connection with this slower, more meditative style of yoga.

Why Yin Yoga?

In our fast paced lifestyles we can all do with some more stillness. Yin Yoga gives us the opportunity to slow down, connect deeper within, and nourish our bodies, minds, and souls.


Yin Yoga is a slow, passive and meditative style. The practice calls for long-held stretches targeting the deeper connective tissue, such as the fascia, tendons, and ligaments. More dynamic styles of yoga do not stretch these tissues, so it’s common for us to have tightness there.


Yin Yoga is closely linked to Traditional Chinese medicine, making it a truly holistic practice that connects us with our lifeforce (chi). The postures target particular meridian pathways, which can help to release physical tension and improve how you feel mentally and emotionally.


Moreover, the practice of Yin Yoga calls for slow, deep breathing, which calms the nervous system, stimulating the “relaxation response”. This makes Yin Yoga an antidote to stress and anxiety.

The YIN Deck
At a Glance

60 illustrated poses in 3 categories

Name in English and in Sanskrit

Chakra indications on each card

Focus phrases for each posture

Meridian indications

Complete Manual

8 illustrated bonus cards with chakra and meridian information

Breathe Deeply, Connect Within, Release All

Giving your body and mind exactly what it needs

How does it work?

The Yin Yoga Deck is a beautiful work of art consisting of 68 cards. The 3 categories of warm-up, poses, and restore cards will help you to create yin yoga sequences and cultivate a more mindful practice where you can disconnect from everything.


On the top of each card we added which chakra the pose activates. For each pose, you can find highlighted, the chakras involved. This way, you can easily create sequences based on a specific chakra theme, or discover a deeper understanding of each pose on an energetic level.

In addition, we have included 7 bonus chakra cards. Each illustrated card features a description and affirmation of that particular chakra. Plus, in the manual, you will find a complete explanation of each chakra, providing you with the knowledge you need to work with this energetic system.

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra

Easily target particular Meridian pathways

On the back of each asana card, you will find indications of the meridians. The ones that are relevant for the card at hand are highlighted. This way you can also create a practice according to your health goals.

Heart Meridian

Large Intestine Meridian

Small Intestine Meridian

Lung Meridian

Liver Meridian

Gall Bladder Meridian

Spleen Meridian

Kidney Meridan

Bladder Meridian

Stomach Meridian

Pericardium Meridian

Triple Burner Meridian

Aside from the indications on each card, we have included 1 illustrated bonus card that shows all the meridians and their pathways. Use this card together with the full explanations inside the Manual for a better understanding of these energy channels.

Practice in a

Log Off and Tune In

The PlayPauseBe yoga decks help you create a regular practice that unleashes your spirit in a distraction-free environment, where you can forget about your digital devices for a while.

Feel free to practice whenever and wherever you want: at home, in nature, or in your favorite spot, and enjoy the beauty of the present moment.

Eco-friendly Production

The PlayPauseBe cards are made in Europe with the highest quality, sustainable materials available. Our Eco factory is powered by solar energy, uses rainwater in sanitary installations, and recycles all production waste. Our goal is to make sure that we do not grow at the expense of our planet and its climate.

What is going to happen to your yoga practice?

The PlayPauseBe Yin yoga deck will help you create a self practice where you deepen connection to your breath and your body. As you mindfully hold the stretches, you’ll feel tension easing in your body and mind.

What’s more, as Yin Yoga targets the deeper connective tissue, you’ll find your overall flexibility and mobility improving, allowing you to uplevel your practice in other yoga styles too.

Some benefits you’ll get from the new YIN deck:

Create complete Yin Yoga sequences that deeply stretch the entire body in a safe and effective way thanks to the cues on the cards and detailed descriptions in the manual.

Develop your own Yin self-practice regardless of your prior experience level and select the poses that your body needs the most.

Learn about the meridian energy system and heal your body, mind, and soul with 60 Yin Yoga postures covering all 12 meridian channels.

Align and unblock your chakras by creating sequences that stimulate each of the energy centers.

Experience faster muscle recovery time when combining Yin practice with dynamic yoga or sports.

Create a daily yoga routine regardless of how busy your life is thanks to the ability to create sequences of any length.

Find a moment of calm and stillness whenever you need it without having to connect to technology or WiFi.

Pair The Yin Deck With Yin Academy

Discover the Secrets of Yin Yoga with our Comprehensive Yin Academy course!

Yin Academy teaches you how to create an effective and independent YIN yoga practice that you can turn to whenever you need more stillness, calm, or balance.
This amazing course has been meticulously designed to streamline your learning process, allowing you to assimilate Yin Yoga knowledge with remarkable ease and efficiency.

By learning the proper alignment, breath control, and precautions of each Yin pose, practicing with your Yin deck will be a safe and seamless experience. 

Discover the 4 modules

and the 62 lessons

How YIN Academy
Will Uplevel Your Practice

Yin Yoga offers multiple benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.
YIN Academy will help you:

Experience more presence on the mat and in your daily life, improving your relationship with yourself and others.

Discover how to listen to your body and discover its unique needs, gaining deeper self-awareness.

Learn how to work with your body's fascia, reaching new levels of flexibility and well-being.

Work with the Chinese meridian channels that nourish your organs and boost your immune system, aiding healing on an energetic level.

Learn the most accessible and effective way to build Yin Yoga sequences, enabling you to create practices that meet your specific needs that day

Why choose PlayPauseBe?

A regular yoga practice brings life-changing benefits to your body, mind and soul. However, in this fast-paced society that asks us to be connected 24/7, it’s often challenging to switch off and go within (even while doing yoga!).


This is why we created the PlayPauseBe Yoga deck. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced yogi, or a yoga teacher, these revolutionary deck cards will help you practice with zero distractions and build sequences easily with confidence and inspiration.

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra

Yin Yoga Packages

Discover our bundle offers for the Yin Yoga Deck

Best Value Offer

Yin Yoga PRO




45% off!

Transform Your Yoga Practice with the Yin Yoga PRO
  • All-in-One Yin Deck: Dive into a tech-free zone and effortlessly create relaxing sequences. Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, our deck guides you through warm-ups, poses, and restorative practices, enhancing your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • In-Depth Yin PRO Course: Learn the unique aspects of Yin Yoga, differentiating it from other styles. Our course offers a comprehensive breakdown of each pose, ensuring effectiveness and proper adjustments. Plus, discover the power of props like bolsters to elevate your relaxation experience.
  • Expert-Designed Yin Guidebook: Save time and gain inspiration with pre-made sequences crafted by seasoned Yin instructors. Each flow is designed to target specific meridians, facilitating the release of blocked energy and deepening your practice. The guidebook’s clear listing of pose names and card numbers seamlessly integrates with your Yin Deck for an intuitive yoga journey.
Embrace a holistic approach to yoga with our Yin Yoga Kit, blending ease of use, expert knowledge, and a deep understanding of the Yin practice to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Yin Yoga Deck + Guidebook




The Yin Yoga Deck + Guidebook Includes:

  • The YIN deck ( 68 cards + printed manual),
  • The YIN sequence Guidebook Vol 1 (PDF), including 20 YIN yoga sequences, detailed instruction on how to practice them, and an image with the actual cards for every sequence so that you can start to practice immediately before your YIN deck is shipped to you.

Yin Yoga Deck




45% off!

Bring your fast-paced lifestyle back into balance with the YIN Deck. This deeply restorative and highly accessible yoga style will help you cultivate inner connection, mental stillness, and physical relaxation.
  • Discover brand new asanas unique to YIN Yoga.
  • Experience a slower, more passive, and meditative style of Yoga.
  • Discover how the use of props can transform your practice.
  • Learn about the meridian channels and create sequences to improve energy flow.
  • Create sequences based on specific benefits or chakras thanks to the tried and tested icons.
  • Practice safely and intentionally with helpful focus phrases.
  • Improve your flexibility and range of motion with longer-held stretches, targeting the deeper connective tissues. 
  • Experience faster muscle recovery time when combining Yin practice with dynamic Yoga.

Still Thinking?

Take It From Our Happy Customers

Our Story

PlayPauseBe is one of the most successful Yoga projects in Kickstarter’s history. Our mission is to empower Yogis from all over the world and bring more purpose and awareness to their practice. We are working to create new decks to expand the poses available and cover other styles of Yoga.

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Yes, the Yin yoga deck is suitable for all levels including absolute beginners. You’ll find short cues and visual instructions on the cards along with longer explanations and contraindications for each pose in the manual. 


Plus, you will always have the support of our teachers (and the experienced yogis in the community!) in our Facebook Group, dedicated to those who want to deepen their practice with the PlayPauseBe decks.

Absolutely yes! The PlayPauseBe Yoga Decks have already helped thousands of yoga teachers around the world. The Decks are very useful for teachers because:

  • You get TONS of inspiration for your class themes such as meridians and chakras
  • You can plan your classes in a much faster and more efficient way
  • You can memorize your sequences easily thanks to the visual content
  • The descriptions on each card help you learn and remember the appropriate queueing and Sanskrit name of every single pose

We are constantly working to add new poses: one of our next projects is to add expansion decks, ONLY for extra poses! Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@playpausebe.com and share with us which poses you would like to see and we will take it into consideration.


You can find all the indications you need to create your sequences, not only on the cards but also on the physical booklet AND on the online manual. Plus, you will always have the support of our teachers (and the experienced yogis in the community!) in our Facebook Group, dedicated to those who want to deepen their practice with the PlayPauseBe decks.

We know that starting a self-yoga practice can feel confusing and overwhelming at first. That’s why we created the PlayPauseBe yoga decks to give you the confidence and competence you need to practice on your own.


We have included contraindications for each posture in the manual. If you have any existing injuries or health concerns, we recommend you consult the manual before creating a sequence. This will help you choose the postures that will be most beneficial to you.


If you are still unsure, join the PlayPauseBe Facebook group. Here we have a wonderful community of yogis and yoginis of all levels with whom you can share your sequences for feedback. For any questions or doubts, you can post inside the group and our teachers and the experienced practitioners inside the community will be happy to help! 

If you don’t have Facebook, you can reach us at info@playpausebe.com or tine@playpausebe.com and we’ll reply back as soon as possible.

We ship PlayPauseBe everywhere in the world. Shipping times depend on your location. We have 3 warehouses across the globe:

  • Dallas, United States
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Heerlen, Netherlands
  • Krakow, Poland

If you want more information click here

We offer a 15 days money-back guarantee. Furthermore, if there are any defects or damage to the product not caused by the customer, we will replace the product free of charge.

Card Number Position
1 Ankle Stretch
2 Body waves
3 Cat-Cow
4 Chest waves
5 Head waves
6 Hip waves
7 Spine Roll Up
8 Wrist Warm-Up
9 Banana pose
10 Belly Twist Pose
11 Broken Wings Pose
12 Butterfly Pose
13 Cat Pulling its Tail
14 Caterpillar Pose
15 Child’s Pose
16 Child’s Pose Side Stretch
17 Constructive Rest Pose
18 Deer Pose
19 Diamond Pose
20 Dragonfly Pose/ Straddle
21 Fire Log Pose / Square Pose
22 Forward Fall (Standing)
23 Frog Pose
24 Half Shoelace Pose
25 Half Split Pose
26 Happy Baby Pose
27 Head to Knee Forward Bend
28 Hero Pose
29 Knees to Chest Pose
30 Legs up the Wall
31 Lizard Pose
32 Open Wing Pose
33 Plough Pose
34 Puppy Pose / Melting Heart
35 Reclining Butterfly
36 Reclining Pigeon
37 Reclining Tree Pose
38 Revolved Head-of-the-Knee Pose
39 Seal Pose
40 Seated Head Stretch 1
41 Seated Head Stretch 2
42 Seated Twist Pose
43 Shoelace Pose/ Cows Face Pose
44 Sleeping Swan
45 Sleeping Vishnu Pose
46 Snail
47 Sphinx
48 Squat Pose
49 Supported Banana
50 Supported Bridge
51 Supine Spinal Twist
52 Thread the Needle
53 Toe Squat
54 Tortoise Pose
55 Twisted Dragon
56 Twisted Roots
57 Corpse Pose
58 Reverse Corpse Pose
59 Supported Reclined Butterfly
60 Supported Savasana


Introduction to Yin Yoga & tips for getting the most from your practice
Precautions and how to practice safely
Meridians and Chakras course ( coming soon! )

Warm Up

Ankle Stretch
Body Waves
Cat Cow
Chest Waves
Head Waves
Hip Waves
Spine Roll Out
Wrist Warm Up


Banana Pose
Belly Twist
Broken Wing Pose
Butterfly Pose
Cat Pulling Its Tail
Caterpillar Pose
Child’s Pose
Child’s Pose Side Stretch
Constructive Rest Pose Stretch
Deer Pose
Diamond Pose
Dragonfly Pose – Straddle
Fire Log Pose – Square Pose
Forward Fold
Frog Pose
Half Shoelace Pose
Half Split Pose
Happy Baby Pose
Head to Knee Forward Bend
Hero Pose
Knees to Chest Pose
Legs Up the Wall
Lizard Pose
Open Wing Pose
Plough Pose
Puppy Pose
Reclining Butterfly Pose
Reclining Pigeon Pose
Reclining Tree Pose
Revolved Head of the Knee
Seal Pose
Seated Head Stretch 1
Seated Head Stretch 2
Seated Twist Pose
Shoelace Pose – Cows Face
Sleeping Swan
Sleeping Vishnu Pose
Squat Pose
Supported Banana
Supported Bridge
Supine Spinal Twist
Thread the Needle
Toe Squat
Tortoise Pose
Twisted Dragon
Twisted Roots

Slow Down

Corpse Pose
Reverse Corpse Pose
Supported Reclined Butterfly
Supported Savasana

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