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Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.2

  • 25 brand new yoga sequences using the PlayPauseBe deck.
  • Different levels of sequences building towards the same goals (hips flexibility, shoulders opening, legs reinforcement…). Developed to help you work towards your goals step by step, and giving you the possibility to choose how deep you want to work. Depending on your level of strength and flexibility.
  • A new way to create sequences using the “loop technique” explained in detail (this time we’ve even included 1 audio-recording!)
  • Each sequence has a duration, a purpose (benefits, peak pose, etc.) and a prompt that describes how to approach it.
  • A handy Index that lists all the sequences with their duration and main purpose.
  • Each sequence is clearly listed out exactly how you’ll lay your cards down.
  • Sequences are laid out in rows so you can repeat if needed, or perform cards on both sides of the body. (The prompt will explain what you should do.)
  • The PlayPauseBe card indicators are used in building each flow. (Sequence numbers, benefits, intensity markers and heat markers.)
  • This digital guidebook is immediately accessible as a download so you can use it anytime, anywhere.