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Guidebook Bundle (PDF format)

Get the most out of your decks with their corresponding PDF guidebooks. With over 60 pre-made sequences, the guidebooks are your go-to tool when you want to work on something specific in your practice, like building towards a particular peak pose or focusing on one benefit or chakra.

Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.1

  • 23 sequences with different durations and purposes, such as benefits, peak pose, or chakra.
  • Each flow has special suggestions from our experienced yoga teachers to help you get the most from it.
  • A clear list of each pose and card number so you can recreate it with your Yoga Deck.

Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.2

  • 25 additional yoga sequences. 
  • A brand new sequencing method using the “loop technique”.
  • Specially curated flows to help you reach your asana goals quicker, with sequences focused on hip flexibility, shoulder opening, leg reinforcement, and more.

Yin Yoga Guidebook

  • 20 pre-made sequences from our expert yin instructors. 
  • Each sequence targets specific meridians to help you experience how these asanas can work deep into the energetic body, freeing blocked or stagnated energy. 
  • Each sequence clearly lists the asana names and card numbers so you can quickly create the flow in front of your eyes. 



Guidebook Bundle (PDF format) requires the following decks:

Yin Yoga Deck


Yoga Deck


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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT