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The PPB Decks has significantly improved the way I teach yoga and has become a cornerstone for students developing their self-practice. I love them and I believe they are a must-have for every yoga practitioner!

Hatha Vinyasa Mastery Pack

The Hatha Vinyasa Mastery pack is the ultimate toolkit for a transformative self-practice and a treasure trove for teachers craving endless creativity in their class design. With its vast array of choices, you’re equipped to keep your practice vibrant and varied, day after day. 

This bundle includes all our three iconic Hatha Vinyasa yoga decks; the Yoga Deck (82 cards), the Expansion Deck (78 cards), and the Asana Expansion Deck (77 cards).

  • Broaden your practice with an unparalleled range of yoga poses, enjoying a plethora of sequence combinations that keep your yoga routine fresh and engaging. Build the foundations with the essential poses of the Yoga Deck, extend your Hatha or Vinyasa flows using the Expansion Deck, and unlock infinite sequencing ideas with over 70 new asanas (yoga poses) inside the Asana Expansion Deck.
  • Create sequences based on specific benefits – Use the symbols on the back of the cards to set a focus for your practice, from immune health to strength to sleep quality.
  • Clear energy pathways and enhance chakra wisdom: Our decks highlight the chakras engaged by each pose, allowing you to effortlessly craft sequences centered on specific chakras or gain insight into the energetic impact of every asana.
  • Infuse your yoga practice with a greater purpose – The 10 intention cards in the Expansion Deck are more than just cards; they are works of art created to inspire and support you on your yoga journey. Each card is a visual representation of a specific concept, such as self-love, joy, freedom, or grounding, with the artwork crafted to embody and evoke these ideals.
  • Regulate your energy levels using ancient breathing techniques (pranayama) – energize your morning with Kapalbhati or release any tension from the day using Nadi Shodhana. In the Asana Expansion Deck, you have 6 pranayama cards to use based on the specific benefits you want to achieve.



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Unboxing the Hatha Vinyasa Mastery Pack

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Yoga Deck

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Expansion Deck

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Asana Expansion Deck

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With the Hatha Vinyasa Mastery Pack you get:

With The Complete Set x3, you’ll get:

  • The Yoga Deck: 82 Hand-drawn asanas by Italian artist Giulia Rosa
  • The Expansion Deck: 78 extra cards to further deepen your practice
  • The Asana Expansion Deck: 71 Hand-drawn brand-new poses and 6 pranayama cards to 100X the number of sequence possibilities.
  • The original PlayPauseBe sequence-building system (embedded in the cards)
  • Benefits for each pose
  • Cues to practice safely
  • Name in English and Sanskrit
  • A complete user manual inside the box and a 55-page downloadable one.
  • An eco-friendly product: our decks are produced in the most advanced Eco factory in Europe.
  • A newly designed, long-lasting rigid box made with fine Linen-structured paper.
  • The cards are made of 320g Pro paper produced in Italy from FSC-certified sources. The highest standard in terms of flexibility, resistance to moisture, and durability.
  • Lifetime access to our online Yoga community on Facebook. (Value: 97 euros a year, free forever with the PPB Deck)
  • 15-day money-back guarantee


Bonus Features:

Discover 6 pranayama cards to weave breathwork into your sequences, enhancing the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Add more meaning to your practice thanks to the 10 intention cards included in the Expansion Deck. These are not just cards, but a work of art aimed to inspire you in your yoga journey.

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Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT