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This “missing link” to yoga and meditation gives ANYONE the ability to quickly calm stress, or boost focus, on command. It all comes down to the key that unlocks energy in every cell of the body — oxygen.

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With the PlayPauseBreathe you get:

  • How to channel lunar and solar energies — connected to the left and right hemispheres of the brain — and use them to balance your energy levels in whatever way you need.
  • How to use pranayama following a physical yoga practice for a boost in calmness and mindfulness.
  • The secret to fixing “bad breathing” habits… and training techniques that involve the hands which make improving your normal breathing range easy and fast.
  • How to boost energy levels and build heat inside the body to prepare for a physical yoga practice.
  • How to bathe every cell of your body in rich oxygen, regulating your immune system and experiencing and releasing endorphins in the process.
  • The 3 bodily locks — or “bandhas” — that make it possible to control energy flow inside your body on command.