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Chair Yoga Academy

Curious about Practicing Chair Yoga But Still trying to figure out Where to Start?

Whether you’re seeking more guidance, looking to refine your poses, or aiming to optimize your practice based on specific needs…

Chair Yoga Academy is your ideal partner in this journey, offering a structured, clear, and comprehensive guide to mastering Chair Yoga. This course is designed to eliminate guesswork, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to embrace Chair Yoga fully, regardless of your experience level.

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Frequently bought together with the Chair Yoga Academy

Asana Expansion Sequence Guidebook (PDF format)


Hatha Vinyasa Guidebook Bundle (PDF format)


Ultimate Guidebook Bundle (PDF format)


Yoga Sequence Guidebook Vol.1 & Vol.2 (PDF format)


Guidebook Bundle (PDF format)


Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.1 (PDF format)


With the Chair Yoga Academy you get:

What You’ll Receive:

  • In-Depth Lessons: Explore comprehensive breakdowns of all 71 poses from the Chair Yoga Deck, understanding the nuances and benefits of each.
  • Adaptive Variations: Learn how to modify poses to suit different abilities, making your practice or teaching inclusive and accessible.
  • Safety and Precision: Gain crucial insights to practice safely and effectively, enhancing your overall yoga journey.
  • Varied Chair Yoga Flows: Engage with different Chair Yoga flows designed for specific needs, utilizing the Chair Yoga Deck to enhance your practice.
  • Breathwork and Meditation Exercises: Complement your physical practice with breathwork and meditation exercises, deepening your yoga experience and promoting overall well-being.
  • Lifetime Access: Progress at your own pace with lifetime access to all course materials, revisiting lessons whenever you wish.


Discover the Benefits Awaiting You with Chair Yoga Academy 

  • Enhance Your Flexibility and Strength: Chair Yoga offers a unique approach to maintaining and improving physical health, catering to all levels of fitness and mobility.
  • Boost Your Mental Clarity and Focus: Engage in a practice that not only nurtures your body but also calms your mind, enhancing your mental well-being and focus.
  • Make Yoga Accessible and Inclusive: Learn how to adapt traditional yoga poses for the chair, making yoga enjoyable and beneficial for everyone, regardless of their mobility or experience level.
  • Deepen Your Practice or Teaching: Whether you’re enhancing your practice or enriching your teaching repertoire, Chair Yoga Academy provides the tools and knowledge to explore new dimensions of yoga.
  • Specific Needs Addressed: Benefit from Chair Yoga flows tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective yoga experience.
  • Holistic Practice Enhancement: Integrate breathwork and meditation into your routine, enriching your practice and fostering a deeper connection to your mind and body.


Begin your Chair Yoga journey with confidence and clarity. Join Chair Yoga Academy today and unlock a practice that’s as enriching as empowering!

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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT