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Integrating the Ultimate Yoga Collection Bundle into my daily practice has profoundly enhanced my sense of inner peace. This comprehensive mix of Yoga styles, Breathwork, and Mudras offers endless variety to my yoga routine and depth in my practice.

Ultimate Yoga Collection x5

For yoga practitioners and teachers who seek to refine their practice and explore every facet of yoga, the Ultimate Yoga Collection Bundle x 5 is an invaluable resource, offering endless inspiration and a full spectrum of yoga exploration.

This collection includes a blend of various yoga styles (Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin), breathwork techniques, and meditative Mudra practices, all aimed at creating a balanced and holistic yoga experience. Whether you’re starting your yoga journey or looking for more inspiration to craft your classes, this bundle is an invaluable tool for personal and spiritual growth.

This exclusive bundle combines five of our iconic decks: the Yoga Deck (82 cards), the Expansion Deck (78 cards), the Asana Expansion Deck (77 cards), the Mudra Deck (76 cards), and the Yin Deck (68 cards).

  • Experience the vast universe of yoga asanas with a combined total of over 210 poses offered by the Yoga Deck, Expansion, Asana Expansion, and Yin Deck.
  • Dive deep into the world of hand gestures with the Mudra Deck, learning to channel energy and amplify mindfulness for emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness​. 
  • Build the foundations with the essential Hatha-Vinyasa poses from the Yoga Deck, and master the art of sequencing by creating longer and more structured flows with the Expansion Deck. 
  • Add 100X the number of sequencing possibilities and explore over 70 new asanas for your Hatha-Vinyasa flows with the Asana Expansion Deck.
  • Bring your fast-paced lifestyle back into balance with the YIN Deck. This deeply restorative and highly accessible yoga style will help you cultivate inner connection, mental stillness, and physical relaxation.
  • Create sequences based on specific benefits – Use the symbols on the back of the cards to set a focus for your practice, from immune health to strength to sleep quality.
  • Enhance your wisdom around subtle energy: learn about the correlation between chakras, meridians, and yoga poses, thanks to the clear visual cues on every card. Learn how chakras, elements, and mudras interconnect with each other thanks to the Mudra deck.



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Unboxing the Ultimate Yoga Collection x5

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Yoga Deck

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Yin Deck

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Asana Deck

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Mudra Deck

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With the Ultimate Yoga Collection x5 you get:

  • The Yoga Deck (82 cards)
  • The Expansion Deck (78 cards)
  • The Asana Expansion Deck (77 cards)
  • The Mudra Deck (76 cards)
  • The Yin Deck (68 cards).
  • Detailed asana cards with benefits, chakras indications, safe practice cues, names in English and Sanskrit, and focus phrases for targeted practice.
  • Acomprehensive Mudra card collection, thoughtfully designed with detailed instructions and recommended durations. Each card is crafted to help you tap into the potent energy of your hands, guiding you through gestures that unlock balance and harmony within.
  • The Yin Deck’s serene approach to yoga, providing long-held stretches and a mindfulness-focused practice with meridian pathway indications.
  • A comprehensive user manual (both physical and virtual) included in each deck.
  • Environmentally conscious materials: European Eco-certified production and durable, moisture-resistant 320g Pro paper made in Italy from FSC Certified sources.
  • A beautifully designed linen-structured box for keeping your cards well-organized and preserved.
  • Lifetime access to our vibrant online Yoga community, where wisdom and inspiration are shared freely (worth 97 euros per year, free with purchase).
  • A 15-day money-back guarantee.

Bonus Features:

  • Infuse your practice with purpose using the 10 intention cards from the Expansion Deck, designed to enrich your yoga practice or classes with different themes such as presence, self-love, and joy.
  • Integrate deep breathing into your practice with 6 pranayama cards from the Asana Expansion Deck, bringing attention and intention to your breath.
  • Enhance your connection to subtle energies with the Yin Deck’s meridians and chakra cards. These carefully crafted guides invite you to explore and harmonize your body’s energy centers, enriching your practice with a deeper sense of spiritual and physical alignment.
  • Dive deeper into the science of Mudras with the Mudra Deck’s 11 illustrated bonus cards, featuring Ayurvedic elements to understand each Mudra category and hand-warming exercises to prepare for your sessions.

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