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Yin Academy

Yin Academy offers an engaging and comprehensive experience for discovering the secrets of Yin Yoga. Learn or deepen your practice in the quickest, simplest way, even if you’re a total beginner.

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With the Yin Academy you get:

  • Fully unwind after a busy day, restoring your energy so you can be present with those who matter the most.
  • Bring your stress levels under control and find zen-like calm amidst the many modern-day stressors.
  • Banish anxious and self-sabotaging thoughts, gaining control over your mind to steer your life in the direction you want.
  • Improve your flexibility and mobility, supporting you to go further in other yoga styles and sports.
  • Fall asleep effortlessly at night and enjoy deeper sleep, waking up rejuvenated each morning.
  • And much more!