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Yin Academy

If you find yourself yearning for a moment of stillness, a space to breathe, or a way to regain flexibility lost to hours spent at a desk or in traffic, then Yin Yoga is your answer!

Yin Yoga is a gentle, meditative practice that will help you re-discover a way to slow down, stretch deeply, and find a serene oasis in your hectic life. 

To gain the right knowledge and all the secrets of this rejuvenating practice, we created Yin Academy: a comprehensive course that will give you the right guidance to master a self-sustaining yoga routine that will become your go-to for moments of serenity, equilibrium, and introspection.

Embrace the opportunity to nurture your body, calm your mind, and reclaim the stillness and balance you deserve!

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Frequently bought together with the Yin Academy

Asana Expansion Sequence Guidebook (PDF format)


Hatha Vinyasa Guidebook Bundle (PDF format)


Ultimate Guidebook Bundle (PDF format)


Yoga Sequence Guidebook Vol.1 & Vol.2 (PDF format)


Guidebook Bundle (PDF format)


Yoga Sequence Guidebook vol.1 (PDF format)


With the Yin Academy you get:

  • 4 Modules and 62 Lessons:  Dive into the roots of Yin yoga and journey through its 60 core poses, from warm-up to cool-down.
  • Detailed Posture Breakdowns: Each lesson delves deep into specific yin postures and precautions, explaining the full range of variations based on one’s flexibility, the effective use of props, and ensuring correct alignment.
  • Teaching Enhancements: Dive into every posture’s subtleties. Harness newfound perspectives and techniques to enhance your teaching and uplift your Yin yoga classes.
  • Bonus Yin Yoga Flow: As an added treat, receive a specially curated yin yoga flow to immediately tap into the inner bliss of Yin Yoga.


Is Yin Academy for You?

Yin Academy has been thoughtfully crafted to simplify your educational journey, enabling you to grasp Yin Yoga concepts with outstanding clarity and ease.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or a yoga teacher, Yin Academy caters to all levels:

  • Are you a beginner? Dive into Yin Academy yoga with us! From foundational understanding to exploring pose variations and alignments, we’ve got you covered.
  • Already practicing at an intermediate level? Elevate your practice: gain total freedom and independence, discover new yin poses, and master the art of sequencing to create your personalize Yin yoga routine. 
  • Advanced yogi or teach classes? Sharpen your skills with Yin Academy: perfect each posture, correct subtle missteps, and gain fresh insights to enrich your classes.


Discover the Benefits Awaiting You with Yin Academy 

  • Experience the Benefits of Yin Yoga: Dive deep into a slow, passive, and meditative yoga style that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Deepen Your Understanding: Gain insights into the principles and techniques underlying Yin Yoga, enriching your practice.
  • Gain In-Depth Knowledge: Obtain comprehensive insights for each Yin pose, encompassing correct alignments, precautions, and versatile variations using different props. Equip yourself with a wealth of information to practice safely and effectively.
  • Empower Your Practice: Equip yourself with tools and techniques to cultivate a self-reliant and consistent yoga routine.

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Beginner: no or little experience in yoga
Intermediate: a few years of experience in yoga
Teacher: you teach yoga or you are in YTT